Elaina 1976 Sofa Collection

The elaborate designs of Old World Europe are treated with a distinct modern
touch in the 1976 Collection. The eye-catching tufting reflects with a brilliance
intended to accentuate the coloring of the silk and the rich chocolate, with brown undertone
finish of the show wood frame. With details such as shell and acanthus leaf scrolling,
routed pilaster and cabriole legs, the traditional look of the collection is solidified. The
accenting faux silk toss pillows feature traditional fringe detailing and a complementing
detail pattern.

1976BRN-1     Chair            34"0 32"W 46"H     
1976BRN-2     Loveseat      40"0 75"W 49"H
1976BRN-3     Sofa             40"0 88"W 49"H

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