Speedy Brown Collection

Speedy Brown Collection

This Modern Configurable Living Room Set is steeped in the desire to
combine a modern minimalist style with flawless design and unsurpassed
manufacturing. The living room set that is certain to give your interior the
desired look and visual impact worthy of a modern living room. Each piece
was designed to be comfortable, stylish, sturdy and built to last for years to come.

SPDYBRN-1 Chair        31”D 45”W 36”H
SPDYBRN-2 Loveseat  31”D 60”W 36”H
SPDYBRN-3 Sofa         31”D 78”W 36”H


  • Modern Design
  • Detachable backrests make it easy to take this into any room
  • Chrome Legs

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